The Big Bang Road Trip (Part 2)
March 26th 2014

The Big Bang Road Trip (Part 2)

So, Big Bang 2014 was amazing! For two days we were inundated with young people as excited as we are about Science Technology Engineering and Maths. We couldn’t keep up the demand for origami Liver birds so in true MerseySTEM style we adapted to #makeithappen for as many of our stand visitors as possible. We have just invested in some foam puzzles that make a cube so we started a leader board and challenged all to beat our fastest score of 3 minutes 45 seconds (Helen!).

It didn’t take long until one young mans spacial awareness amazed us all and 34 seconds became the winner (and was not to be beaten!).

So, after two fun packed days of inspiration we have returned to sunny Liverpool full of inspiration and determined to make the North West Big Bang and big and brilliant as we can! Sign up here!


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