Summer STEM Activities with FACT & FACTLab: Liverpool
June 15th 2015

Summer STEM Activities with FACT & FACTLab: Liverpool

FACT & FACTLab Liverpool have some STEM-sational activities coming up. Everything from Robot Greenhouses to Raspberry Pi! Can’t wait for these, book now and don’t miss out…

Build Your Own: Tools for Sharing
Workshops and Activities
Tues-Sun, 4 June – 31 August
11am – 6pm / FREE (drop-in)
Housed in Gallery 2, FACTLab is a place to meet our artists and technologists in residence, learn new skills and test out your ideas.

Build Your Own: Artist Talks
5 June
12.30 – 5pm, FREE (booking required)
Explore the concepts and inspiration behind the exhibition, and learn more about the traditional and technologically advanced skills that are showcased.

Make Your Own Noise!
Every other Saturday between
6 June – 1 August / 12pm – 4pm
FREE (booking required)
Explore musical instrument making with artist collective Owl Project and improv music makers The Noise Upstairs.

DoES Measuring Workshop
6 June
12pm – 4.30pm, FREE (booking required)
Join DoES Liverpool to learn how to measure up for the Raptor hand, an upper limb prosthetic hand which will be produced throughout the Build Your Own exhibition.

FACTLab: Hack Nights
9 June – 27 August / 6pm – 8pm
FREE (booking required)
An informal, guided study group for all things art and technology. The first six weeks will introduce basic concepts of programming and from 21 July, the Lab will open for project nights.

Protest! Is it Possible in the 21st Century?
18 June
9.45am- 4.30pm
£10 – 20 (booking required)
In the world of protest and political action, findability means visibility and therefore potentially increased participation. From the politically motivated overt actions of the Anonymous Group to Ricardo Dominguez’s project The Transborder Immigrant Tool to radical film culture, findability is central to protest and political action in today’s information-saturated world.

The event will give participants an insight into current perspectives on protest through an initial Consciousness Raising workshop with the Institute of Precarious Consciousness, followed by three short talks by UpRising, Fran Ilich, and IOCOSE, intertwined with We Don’t Like Samba (2014), by filmmaking collective CIS Berlin in attendance. There will be timed intervals for group discussions built into the programme. Bring your own experiences of protest!

FACTLab: Show & Tell
24 June, 29 July & 26 August
6pm – 8pm, FREE (booking required)
A new monthly gathering for people who use technology in their creative practice.

FACT at Liverpool MakeFest
27 June / 9am – 5pm
Liverpool Central Library
Meet us at the first Liverpool MakeFest where we’ll be joined by artist and our technologists in residence for a day of workshops and activities.

iLog Workshop
27 June / 12pm – 4.30pm
FREE (booking & deposit required)
Owl Project’s iLog is a beautiful musical instrument housed in a wooden log. By joining this special workshop, you will have the chance to own one, by learning how to build it yourself!

Robot Greenhouse
28 June & 11 July / 12pm – 4.30pm
FREE (booking required)
Join us for a day of robot gardening with artist and Rasberry Pi Foundation’s Creative Producer, Rachel Rayns. Learn about growing, plant a seedling and programme your own robot greenhouse to take home.

What’s Your Superpower?
25 July / 12pm – 4.30pm
FREE (booking required)
Join DoESLiverpool to explore how prosthetics can be modified or ‘hacked’ to create useful tools for real people.

Prototype Summer School with Rasberry Pi
29-31 July (for 9-12 year olds)
5-7 August (for 13-16 year olds)
10.30am – 5pm, all days
FREE (booking & deposit required)
Love to tinker? Join Rachel Rayns at this three day summer school where you’ll learn how to work with networked objects

Prosthetics Assembly
8 & 22 August / 12pm – 4.30pm
FREE (booking required)
Work with DoESLiverpool to finish, assemble, test and fit 3D prosthetic printed hands from the DesktopProsthetics Project in Gallery 1.

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