Audience Inspired at Laser and Accelerator Showcase
July 24th 2015

Audience Inspired at Laser and Accelerator Showcase

Liverpool is renowned as a centre of excellence for accelerator science, and the international Symposium on ‘Lasers and Accelerators for Science & Society’, which took place in the Liverpool Arena Convention Centre, inspired the next generation in a field which is fundamental to all types of industry.

The Symposium was coordinated by Professor Carsten P. Welsch of the University of Liverpool and the Cockcroft Institute in Daresbury, an internationally renowned centre for accelerator science and technology.

The aim was to inspire youngsters about science and the application of lasers and accelerators – the event was a sell out with delegates including 100 researchers from across Europe and 150 local A-level students and teachers.

The Symposium also showcased a portfolio of projects from researchers at the forefront of this exciting field of science and engineering giving young people the opportunity to see how scientists just a few years older than themselves are pushing back the boundaries of knowledge.

Accelerator science has applications across all sectors of industry and healthcare, allowing us to accurately target cancer tumours, understand the structure of biomolecules such as proteins and complex chemicals, measure strain in jet engines, create new materials and understand the secrets of the universe itself.

Professor Grahame Blair, Executive Director of Programmes for the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), explained how particle accelerators can be used as research tools. He explained that particle accelerators can recreate the conditions of the Big Bang, making it possible to test fundamental theories about the universe.

Access to this technology and these skills is creating at Daresbury a cluster of high-technology companies working in this field and creating exciting career opportunities for young people.

A unique introduction to this fascinating area of science and technology:

Image (C) Trevor Palin


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