STEMNET Teacher Mentoring Project Grants: Apply Now!
August 17th 2015

STEMNET Teacher Mentoring Project Grants: Apply Now!

STEMNET is seeking applications for a grant to deliver projects in which STEM Ambassadors support teachers through mentoring. Projects may take any form, but must meet the criteria below in order to be eligible.

Projects should focus on professional development for teachers, providing contexts for their teaching, enhancing their understanding of STEM, and broadening their knowledge of careers from STEM study.

Four grants will be offered. The selection of successful projects will be carried out by STEMNET, whose decision will be final.

Grant value: £9,300

Applications to be received by: 24th August 2015, 12pm

Successful organisations will be notified by the 28th August, 12pm.

Eligibility criteria:

Only organisations holding a contract to STEMNET to deliver its programmes are eligible to apply.

Projects must be delivered in the 2015 Autumn term, with final reports received by the 23rd December 2015.

Projects must include at least one school designated by STEMNET as a Category One school.

Projects may include primary schools and secondary schools, but must focus on state-funded schools.

Mentoring is defined as on-going, small scale support. It must involve more than one meeting and/or a verifiable conversation lasting at least four weeks.

Each STEM Ambassador must mentor no more than two mentees at a time.

Grant money must be spent on maintaining relationships and mentor/mentee support. No more than £500 of the grant may be spent on resources or training.

All activity must be recorded on the STEMNET database within 3 weeks of any mentor activity taking place. Ongoing activity should be recorded as a single activity.

Reporting requirements:

Successful organisations will be required to report to STEMNET on progress by 30th September, and monthly thereafter, with a final report by 23rd December 2015. This final report should be no more than ten pages, and should include:

A description of the project

The names and IDs of STEM Ambassadors and the names, schools and specialisms of the teachers.

A description of the mentoring that took place, including the knowledge and experience that teachers had at the start of the project, the experience and knowledge that the STEM Ambassadors brought

Feedback from the STEM Ambassador(s) and teacher(s) on the project and any follow-up actions that came out of the mentoring. This should include information on barriers encountered, opportunities that arose, any items that were easier or harder to set up than envisaged, etc.

An assessment of the impact the mentoring project had on the teacher, their teaching, the department, their pupils, the school. The impact on the STEM Ambassador and (if appropriate) their employer should also be considered.

Recommendations from the organisation’s perspective on supporting successful teacher mentoring by STEM Ambassadors.

How to apply:

Written proposals should be submitted by email to Kat Sandford, National STEM Ambassadors Programme Manager on [email protected] by 12pm on 24th August 2015. Proposals should include:

– Contact details

– Project structure

– Project budget and breakdown of costs

– Timeline and milestones

– Any relevant experience around STEM Ambassadors engaging with teachers directly

– The number of STEM Ambassadors to be involved

– The number of schools to be involved, their school types and whether they are Category One or Two (if secondary).

Any questions about this call for applications should be sent to Kat Sandford, National STEM Ambassadors Programme Manager on [email protected]


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