Teachers, Parents & Ambassadors: Get the ‘People Like Me’ Pack & STEM App for Girls!
September 23rd 2015

Teachers, Parents & Ambassadors: Get the ‘People Like Me’ Pack & STEM App for Girls!

Figures for women working in STEM have risen by over 100,000 and that is great news, but it’s still not enough. With regard to the UK workforce, men are placed at 46% in relation to STEM occupations while women, just 15%.

‘Girls, you may be interested in STEM but do you see yourself with STEM talents? The ‘People Like Me’ app can show you that you have what it takes!’

The revolutionary ‘People Like Me’ approach from WISE focuses on using adjectives to describe the attributes of scientists and engineers, allowing girls to realise they possess these attributes themselves.

Girls have the opportunity to imagine themselves in a STEM career and learn that STEM subjects are for people like them!

The ‘People Like Me’ programme begins with a pack for Teachers, STEM Ambassadors or parents. The accompanying app is aimed at 11-14 year old girls, perfect for all girls considering a STEM career leading up to their GCSEs.

Whether you are part of an organisation, a STEM Ambassador, teacher or another individual who works with young people, WISE are offering training for you to be licensed to deliver the ‘People Like Me’ approach.

You can download the pack and find out more information here


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