Odysseus II, a Space Science Competition for Students of All Ages!
October 27th 2015

Odysseus II, a Space Science Competition for Students of All Ages!

This Odysseus II competition is a fun-based educational contest focusing on space science. UK students are encouraged to take part in an exciting competition that combines scientific learning with hands-on experience. 

Aimed at learners between the ages of 7 and 22, in three age groups, the contest is designed to engage talented young people with a spirit of discovery and an interest in science to discover answers to fundamental questions on topics ranging from satellites and space probes to astrobiology and interplanetary travel.  The ultimate aim to of the contest is to inspire young Europeans to get involved in space science

The three age groups are
• Skywalkers (primary school pupils)
• Pioneers (secondary school students)
• Explorers (university undergraduates)

Prizes include iPads, telescopes, travel opportunities, paid internships at the European Space Agency and trips to the Guiana Space Centre in South America. Click here  for more information.

For STEM Ambassadors:
The ODYSSEUS mentoring programme intends to match a STEM Ambassador to a team of students or an individual student, who can benefit from this experience. The objectives are to provide on-line support for the students and informal guidance at the preparation of their entries to the Odysseus contest.  By helping the students to develop their capabilities in terms of knowledge of scientific concepts and tools, mentors will aim to act as a resource for information about space, science and technology and Listen actively to students concerns about the scientific and technical aspects of their projects.  In general, to act as a sounding board for ideas concerning the fields of their Odysseus Contest.

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