Key Stage 3: Enter the Little BIG Awards and WIN!
November 03rd 2015

Key Stage 3: Enter the Little BIG Awards and WIN!

Cisco and STEMNET would like to invite your school to take part in the Little BIG Awards to enable your students in years 7-9 (Key Stage 3 – ages 11 to 14) to show how they think life could be made better by connecting everyday things together.

We use the internet every day: on our computers, on tablets and mobile phones. You can watch TV, make phone calls, send photos, and shop – all on the internet. But even today less than 1% of all things are connected to the internet. What happens when your microwave, your central heating, your car, or even maybe school workbooks are connected to the internet?

The Little BIG Awards is a rewarding and exciting way to improve students business and life skills, while also being a fun way to cover some academic topics. They will work as a team with assistance from one or more Industry ambassadors to solve a problem; design develop and prototype a solution; and build a business plan around their idea.

This year, as well as category and overall prizes we expect there will be an additional, separate, prize for innovative use of a BBC micro:bit as part of their project.

STEM Ambassadors will be on hand to visit schools (or connect with them remotely) and to help and provide structured activities along the way.

To find out more and register your school please go to:

STEM Ambassadors can also visit the link above to register their interest and take part.

Note to teachers: The Little BIG Awards will launch to schools through an online TV programme on Wednesday 25th November for 30 minutes at 12:30pm. A recording of the launch broadcast will also be made available for download.

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