LAST CHANCE! The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures: ‘How to survive in space!’
November 17th 2015

LAST CHANCE! The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures: ‘How to survive in space!’

Tim Peake is set to become the UK’s first European Space Agency astronaut. In accordance with this historic event, Dr Kevin Fong presents the 2015 CHRISTMAS LECTURES ‘How to survive in space’, an exploration into the science behind human space flight.

The three-part series will delve into how humans propel themselves into space, how our bodies adapt and change once there, and what lies in store for our future spacefaring endeavours. The series promises to be a joy for any child interested in space and the great unknown.

ACT NOW: Applications are open between 28 October and 20 November 2015 for teachers from the North West or Gloucestershire who believe a pupil aged 11-17 at their school would benefit from this fantastic opportunity.

To apply, teachers should email [email protected] with a short paragraph (no more than 200 words) explaining why that student would benefit from attending. Teachers will need to include their student’s name, address and contact details. Please note – applications will not be accepted from parents and should be sent from a school email address.

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