The Big Sunflower Project: Apply for your FREE seeds and take part!
January 27th 2016

The Big Sunflower Project: Apply for your FREE seeds and take part!

The Big Sunflower Project is now in its sixth year and the aim is to raise awareness of the rare neuromuscular conditions Centronuclear and Myotubular Myopathy. Team MerseySTEM took part last year and it was great fun, get involved – IT’S FREE!

How the project works: Sunflower seeds are free of charge to anyone in the UK and Europe wanting to take part. Sadly they are unable to send seeds outside of Europe but all are welcome to buy their own seeds and take part too – the aim is to have sunflowers growing somewhere in the world all year round.

The project welcomes participation from anyone. The only criteria for taking part, is that you are willing to have a go and to share your photos and stories with the project.

This year the project has a new website at

Those taking part in the project will be added to the project map at and there are stories and photos from the first five years of the project as well as pages about how the project began and on growing and harvesting sunflower seeds.

Participants wanting to raise awareness of the project and of centronuclear and myotubular myopathy can download leaflets in the resources section.

You can also join The Big Sunflower Project’s social media circle via the links below: Facebook: Twitter: Flickr:[email protected]/ Instagram:
Project Dirt:


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