University of Chester: Thornton Techno Innovation Challenge
May 20th 2016

University of Chester: Thornton Techno Innovation Challenge

The University of Chester is offering Year 9 and 10 students the opportunity to take part in their Techno Innovation Challenge!

Thursday 7th July
30, Year 9/10 students

Workshop 1 – Spectroscopy
In this workshop you will use spectroscopy to analyse light by breaking it down into its component colours, known as the spectrum. Using a beam of a particular electromagnetic radiation you will shine it on to different samples of materials and with the help of a spectrometer observe how they respond
and analyse their structure and properties of matter. You will then use this information to see how much Irn Bru it is safe to drink in one day.

Workshop 2 – Technifest
At Technifest, you can explore what maths has to do with the music industry through a practical challenge to plan a music festival and perform live music.

You will then be:-
Making Music for Scary Monsters
Computer games and horror movies just don’t work without some sound effects to set the mood. In this session, you’ll use Arduino kits to create music with electronics, and produce an instant soundtrack for a mini-movie. The session will definitely appeal to electronics enthusiasts, but if you’re not already an Arduino fan, don’t worry; anyone with an interest in music, film, games, or theatre sound effects will find something to interest them in this session. The workshop will finish with 2engage performers giving a ‘dramatic edge’ to Science and Engineering.

Friday 8th July
90, Year 9/10 students
Engineering Design Challenge

Working in groups you will be set an engineering challenge to create the best wheelchair for your chosen sport. You will need to investigate forces, materials, wheel choices and incorporate the findings in your final design before pitching it to your fellow students. The workshop will finish with a demonstration of the virtual reality wheelchair simulator.

Venue: University of Chester, Thornton Science Park, CH2 4NU

For further information and to book places please contact Angela Lupton: [email protected]

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