Royal Society of Chemistry: Secondary Science TeachMeet
September 25th 2016

Royal Society of Chemistry: Secondary Science TeachMeet

The Royal Society of Chemistry is hosting a Secondary Science TeachMeet so as to provide a meeting place for teachers of chemistry (any specification and all ages 11-18), informal CPD and facilitate local collaboration.

Bolton School Boys’ Division, Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4PA
Thursday 24th November 2016

Session details

Energy in the new physics GCSE

Brendan Ickringill (Bolton School Girls’ Division and IoP)
A session to support the teaching of energy in the new GCSE (and consequently KS3).

Christmas Chemistry

Kristy Turner (Bolton School Boys’ Division and University of Manchester)
A practical session of Christmas themed chemistry experiments that can be done in school or at home including ‘A christmas mix up’ (analytical puzzle team challenge), Christmas dinner indicators, poinsettia indicator paper and electroplated Christmas decorations.

Chemistry practicals for the new GCSE PAG

Dave Paterson (OCR)
A practical session showcasing OCR’s chemistry experiments which fit the PAG requirements and can be used with students following any exam board.

All about eyes

Julie Hartley (Technician – Bolton School Boys’ Division) and (Sara Morgan – Optometrist, University of Manchester)
A hands-on session all about eyes! Covering some biology including eye dissection together with optical physics and how glasses and contact lenses work.

Web based resources to support chemistry teaching

(Katayune Presland, Royal Society of Chemistry, Will Stockburn, University of Central Lancashire)
A session showcasing the various web based resources available to teachers from the RSC and on YouTube

Isaac Project

Mark Ormerod (Bolton School Boys’ Division)
A session showcasing the Isaac Physics project from the University of Cambridge and its practical use
in the classroom. IsaacPhysics is a low cost book and associated MOOC which aims to improve
mastery in pre-university physics and get students using problem solving approaches.

iPads for Science

(Nic Ford, Apple Distinguished Educator, Bolton School Boys Division)
A session showcasing a variety of general and subject specific iPad and Android apps for use in science classrooms.

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