Big Bang North West: MNCO Mini Big Bangs inspire all!
October 21st 2016

Big Bang North West: MNCO Mini Big Bangs inspire all!

The Big Bang North West facilitated two more of their sensational Mini Big Bangs on the 19th and 20th of October 2016!

The events were sponsored by Merseyside Network for Collaborative Outreach and hosted by Liverpool John Moores University and Daresbury Laboratory. Schools across the region enjoyed a free-of charge, inspirational STEM experience with hands-on interactive workshops.

environmental engineering 55

On Day 1 at Liverpool John Moores University, students became Environmental Engineers discovering how to filter safe water with their hosts. The University of Liverpool offered a session on ‘How to become a doctor’ with CRP and resuscitation techniques. Two completely different activities with life skills that save lives!


There was plenty to roar about with the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA). Along with teaching physics in sound, they gave attendees the opportunity to make sound effects for a bear hunt story.


On Day 2 at Daresbury Laboratory, visitors were welcomed by the team behind The Big Bang North West and event organisers All About STEM. Their Managing Director Michelle Dow, opened the day with an ‘All About the Brand’ careers talk.


The Science & Technology Facilities Council introduced attendees to Space Science & BIG Telescopes. There was even the chance to make your own comet and check out real meteors from the asteroid belt near Mars!


It was on to Aquaponics and Bioscience next with Farm Urban. Aquaponics consists of two main parts, aquaculture for raising aquatic animals and hydroponics for growing plants.


The young people were intrigued about urban farming in the community and in awe of the aquaponics systems and living labs.


Science 2 U brought booms, bangs and fizzes aplenty with their chemistry demonstrations and a ‘build your own bath bomb’ workshop.


Who knew chemical reactions could be so much fun?


Riverside College closed the day with Engineering, 3D Printing and Virtual Welding!


What better way to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths careers? Immerse yourself in it.


All About STEM Managing Director Michelle Dow said, “As the team behind The Big Bang North West, our mission is to facilitate events across the region that inspire STEM and engage students, our Mini Big Bangs let us reach out! We are so proud to support these events and see so many young people learning about STEM careers and discovering the amazing opportunities there are in this field. We’re all about education that is interactive and fun!”

“A big thank you to MNCO for their support, along with our Mini Big Bangs they were a huge part of The Big Bang North West event in 2016. They truly are an organisation dedicated to enriching STEM learning.”

Here’s what The Mosslands School thought of the day…

The Big Bang North West: Express your interest for our 2017 event!


Merseyside Network for Collaborative Outreach: a partnership between the Higher Education Institutions in Greater Merseyside to increase awareness of Higher Education via effective partnership and collaborative activities.


The Big Bang North West: Express your interest for our 2017 event!
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