STEM Ambassadors: Primary & Secondary Engineer activities
November 24th 2016

STEM Ambassadors: Primary & Secondary Engineer activities

Are you a STEM Ambassador who works in engineering? Take a look at these activities with Primary & Secondary Engineer.

Primary Engineer

Primary Engineer is a not-for-profit organisation, focused on raising awareness of and aspiration towards STEM careers, specifically engineering, in young people.

All projects are designed to be delivered by teachers, with the whole class – ensuring that they remain inclusive, meaningful and sustainable. They offer a range of courses, highlighting different aspects of engineering which are linked to the primary curriculum.

Throughout the Primary Engineer programmes, a relationship between schools and industry allows children to understand the context for how the activities they are doing are linked to the real world. These classroom activities always remain teacher-led, the role of the engineer is to use their personal experiences to inspire the children.

By allowing children to obtain an accurate perception of what engineering is, and what it looks like in the real world, they are better able to make career decisions further down the line. At this stage in their development, the more different types of engineering that the children are aware of, the better.

A key element of the Primary Engineer programmes is informing children of the great variety of jobs which come under the heading of “engineering”, not limiting them to mechanical, civil, electrical etc. Ideally you, the engineer, will be able to make a number of visits to the school you are working with during the academic year – the exact details of your engagement with the school will vary based on your individual circumstances and the requirements of the school.

Secondary Engineer: Fluid Power Challenge

Building on skills children develop through the Primary Engineer programmes, there is also a programme for Key Stage 3 students (Year 7-9), to be delivered in similar fashion.  Teachers from Science, Maths and Technology departments work together to deliver a cross-curricular engineering project. As an engineer you can support the class work, either through a Q&A session about your area of expertise or become more involved with the design and development of the pupils work.

Primary Engineer & Secondary Engineer Leaders Award – Greater Manchester

The Primary Engineer and Secondary Engineer Leaders Award asks pupils (ages 5-19): “If you were an engineer in the Greater Manchester, what would you do?” Having researched a particular area of engineering in class, pupils meet with and interview you, the engineer, and learn more about your own career and area of expertise. With your guidance, all pupils discover a problem and come up with an engineering solution – submitting an annotated design and accompanying pitch letter. Volunteer judges grade and shortlist the entries, before two winners in each year group are selected by a panel. Depending on how much time you are able to volunteer, you could work in more depth with the pupils or become involved in the judging process – more the merrier!

For more information on how to get involved please visit or contact: [email protected]


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