The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition: Our Amazing Competitors & their Projects!
June 27th 2017

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition: Our Amazing Competitors & their Projects!

Every year the regional semi-final of The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition takes place at The Big Bang North West. Take a look at the innovative and inspirational projects from our schools.

Who will come out on top and make it to the national finals? Who will win one of our prestigious sponsored awards?

Could you be the next North West Young Scientist or Young Engineering of the Year? There’s still time to enter…

Beech House School

What is the best dog food?
Alex Roebuck
Harrison Berry

Do plants need plant hormones to grow?
Maria Grangei

Which is the bouncier ball and on which surface?
Raees Mohammed
Freddy Cowie
Matthew Hankinson
Daneyal Bajwa
Ali Salman
Daniel Rigg

What’s the best washing up liquid?
Anisha Mahmood

Which beauty product is the best for the body?
Humna Munir
Hanaya Ahmed
Declan Anthony

Which is better high end beauty products or low end beauty products?
Ella Raw
Abbie Slater
Ruby Peters-Ali

The Mosslands School

Soap – promotion of hand washing
Matthew Noyce
Daniel Charlton
Joshua Irvine

Rainford High Technology College

Soap and Suds Toys
Evan Cunningham
Zach Cunningham
Rebecca Spencer
Katie Wilkinson

Birkenhead School

Potentially Lethal
Edward Azurdia
Matthew O’Hare
William Reay
Daniel Walker

Mary Webb School & Science College

Do Duracell batteries really
last longer?
Edwin Parry
Sam Vaughan
Adam Morrelle

Which sun cream offers the most protection?
Ella Paddock
Jacob Duffy
Keely Jones
Ellie Shingler

Do other peoples emotions affect your own emotions?
Elspeth Williams
Bethan Hayward

Which stain remover is the most effective?
Megan Allen-Brown
Melody Cooke
Kate Heathorn
Tom Norris

University of Chester Church of England Academy

Encouraging children to wash their hands
Ben Lloyd
Jessica Finlay
Cerys Heaps
Ceren Aslan
Chloe Sefton

Queens Park High School

Fireproof Paper and Cloth
Kiara Parlevliet
Angus Hutchenson
Kamila Glowacka

Investigating the best tooth whitening product
Kera-Leigh Gilmartin
Emi Mayman
Sophie McDonough
Emily McHugh

Does sugar or caffeine affect reaction time?
James Fawcett
Tyler Gordan
Adam Thomas

Chemical Rockets
Rory Jones

Scalextric cars ballast
Joshua Halewood
Joseph Smith

Upton by Chester High School

Multi Use Drinks Bottle
Luna Von Hardenburg
Josh Beggs
Tom Ashcroft
Vy Au
Ben Collins
Georgia Griffith

Millom School

Your Healthy School
Josh Dreghorn
Alicia Benn
Catriona Merry
Nic Pitts
Max Naronchai
Emily Swarbricks

St John Plessington Catholic College

Eco-Fairgrounds 1
Harry Rogers
Antonino Masuzzo
James Moore
Hannah Brand
Camron Pierce

Eco-Fairgrounds 2
Eloise Langley-Moore
Cordy Bloxham
Alyx Williams

Who Dunnit?
Godwin Biju
Tommy Johnston
Noah Samrodia
Luis Davin
Cory Lucas
Natalie Niebrzegowska
Romelle Allen

Jessica Toner
Anya Cliff

Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College

Triple Light Pine Floor Light
Bridget Rose

Self-assembly geographically inspired table
Natasha Longshaw
Eliza Virgo
Melissa Howard
Lucy Coleman

Do Clean Hands = Good Grades
Abigail Dunseith

Temporary Housing
Niamh Darbyshire
Bethany Sherborne

Does breakfast affect our school work
Keira Dennison

St Gregory’s Catholic High School

Reducing plastic waste from shampoo sachets
Donna Josh
Jessica Durrell
Charlotte Watson
Emily Bayliss
Tom Loxley

Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

Designing a Cloud Chamber
David Callow
Sean Groom
Michael Groom

UTC Warrington

Geological Disposal Facility
Chris Hankey
Dylan Bamber
Dan Kirkham
Tash Blackburn

Nuclear New Build – 1
David Browning
Ben Smith
Daisy Gundry
Aaron Davies
Eleanor Ben-Othman

Nuclear New Build – 2
Kane Delooze
Jared Fisher
Callum Young
Nihad Mahmoud
James Hewitson
Shannon Muir
Sven Ololins

Helsby High School

Alternative Energy Provider
Josh Chow
Joshua Bell-King

Range High School

How to save water in the shower
Owen Ashworth
George Mordaunt
Oscar Holloway

Broughton Hall High School Technology College

Education Ideas for Malaria
Kate McGreary
Jessica McDowell
Scarlett O’Brien
Beau Walker

The Prescot School

Hydraulic Arm
Daniel Coxhead
Ellie-Jane Shaw
Abdul Senussi

Alderley Edge School for Girls

Playground clock and traffic light system
Jessica Allwright
Bianca Boren
Nina Fraser

Would your school like to enter The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition?

If you would like to take part you will need to book a morning visit for The Big Bang North West as judging takes place throughout the day. Limited spaces available!

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