Big Bang North West: Eureka’s Explosive Experiments!
June 18th 2018

Big Bang North West: Eureka’s Explosive Experiments!

We’re super-excited to announce that Eureka! will be exhibiting at The Big Bang North West 2018!

Be prepared to be amazed by explosive experiments and mind bending science demonstrations. Find out if you’re a supertaster, use prism glasses to trick your brain and experience a chemical reaction igniting in your hand!

‘Big Bang Fairs are an amazing way for students to see and be inspired by science, technology, engineering and maths and all of the different careers and opportunities it provides. STEM is a really important part of Eureka! and we’re at The Big Bang North West to show off some exciting ways we use STEM to inspire our visitors.’ – Chris Snowden, STEM and Public Engagement Manager, Eureka! The National Children’s Museum.


Eureka! isn’t like other museums, it’s a unique place for families and groups to visit where children aged 0 to 11 are inspired to learn all about themselves and the world around them by playing, imagining, experimenting and having loads of fun. Eureka! has six unique zones to discover inside the museum, each with a different theme to explore.

The galleries range from our child-friendly town square, through to the award-winning All About Me gallery exploring the human body – all full of equipment to play with, activities to do and buttons to press. Plus for the next 6 months, experience the new Fusion exhibition in our Spark Gallery. Featuring some of the most exciting digital tech from around the world with massive multi-media, motion capture sensors and floor-to-ceiling projections of colour.

Navigate your way through 14 mind-blowing exhibits brought to you by The Lumen Prize for digital art. Create an animated creature, interact with a digital waterfall and explore virtual worlds.

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The Big Bang North West is going to be AMAZING!
We’re FULLY BOOKED but don’t worry, you can add yourself to our waiting list and we are still open for Big Bang UK competition entrants.

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