Big Bang North West: Amazing Big Bang UK Competition Projects!
July 02nd 2018

Big Bang North West: Amazing Big Bang UK Competition Projects!

The semi-finals for the Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition take place at The Big Bang North West 2018 and we have received a plethora of prodigious pupil projects!

The judges are excited to meet all of our entrants and discuss their incredible, inspiring and innovative ideas. In addition to a place in the National Finals at The Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, all have the opportunity to win one of our prestigious sponsor awards.

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition is a national competition for young people to showcase their impressive science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) projects and to reward and recognise their achievements.

Beech House School

Mouldy Bread!
Lucy Butterworth
Holly Gaucas
Gabriella Joicey
Charlotte Higginson
Saveeba Mahmoodd

Brilliant Bouquet!
Issabella Chapman
Grace Egerton
Sophie Wilkinson
Nina Zebedee-Howard

Birkdale High School

Monster Toothpaste
James Dudley
James Davies
Laurence Rake
Anthony Waite
Ethan Marshall

Bombs Away
Jasper Berry
Sean Barry
David Tear
Tristan Siebert
Theo Davies

Birkenhead School

Fatberg! Fuel or Foe?
Arib Islam
Holly Fitzherbert
William Harvey
Cameron Marshall
Anna Mallucci
Steven Chen
Sam Pachter
Euan McGrath

Deyes High School

Improving Children’s Oral Health
Chloe Towler
Caitlin Gower
Samuel O’Donoghue
Kier Noble
Jack Derbyshire

Improving Children’s Oral Health 2
Eve Brocklehurst
Mira Davies
Emily Fawcett
Lauren Taylor
Anthony Shone

Gateacre School

Jack Schofield
Ethan Stopford
Shane Gemmell

Naturally Infused
Freya Barnes
Mia-Rose Phillips
Emily Cook
Hollie Gilchris
Ellen Ramage Jones

The Grange School

Natural Shampoo
Emily Moran
Hollie Walker
Georgi Walker
Samantha Main
Melanie Kinson

Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

Designing and Building a Crookes Radiometer
Ben Holt

Kaitlin Carpenter

Medi Glue
Blanka Pouteau
Ben Carter

Mush Better Planet
Lauren Gorman
Tasha Gorman
Katie Heeley
Meera Vijayakumaran
Ben Carter

Bee Natural
Joe Thompson
Lucas O’Connor
Mohammed Alminzel
Scarlet Swift-Ward

Plastic Filtration Pipe
Luke Wheldon
Sofia Wright

Plastic Pollution, The Solution

Isaac Simmons
Zach Juckes

Ocean Ambulance 55
Nathaniel Burke
Sam Gilfoyle

Lord Derby Academy

All Natural Soap Packaging
Thomas Ritchie
James Ritchie
Joseph Riley
Hey Yee Cheng
Dylan Derr

Millom School

Sensory Stick for the Visually Impaired
Jack Tallentire

Healthy Crisps for Coronary Heart Disease Sufferers
Paige Chapman
Tess Cullen
Tash McGuire
Charlotte Swallow
Rebekah Clayton
Erin Gallagher

ROV Design Using Biomimicry
Katie Cullen
Alice Cookson
Natalie De Freitas
Courtney Blackburn

Bicycle Ambulance for Developing Countries
William Swallow
Kieron Titmas

The Mosslands School

The Tooth and Nothing but the Whole Tooth
Adian Cowley
Freddy Fox
Liam Long
Tyler Price

Pensby High School

Sharp and Juicy Energy!
Ruby Turnbull
Anna Olorunniji

How Polarising is your Drink?
Sean Holbrook
William Croft

Do solar powered cars go faster at sunset?
Hannah Pyle
Nathan Roberts

Prenton High School for Girls

Edible Mouthwash for Children
Lucy McNally-Edwards
Kira Canales
Natalia Coleman

The Prescot School

Low cost solutions to automatically test water purity
Neil Joglekar
Michael Swanwick
Joshua Clarke
Abdul Senussi
Andrew McGarry
Matthew McGarry

Queen’s Park High School

Dunking Biscuits
Lydia Lewis
Beth Henderson-Palmer
Adam Thomas
James Fawcett
Tyler Gordon
Kiara Parlevliet

The Most Effective Design for a Glider
Rory Jones
Dylan Canty

Mass and Flight Time
Josh Halewood
Joe Smith

Filtered Water
Emi Mayman
Emily McHugh
Sophie McDonough

Sandbox Digital

Kerbatron 3000
Oliver Griffiths
Daniel Cash

St John Plessington Catholic College

Building Bridges
Anya Cliff
Aisha O’Neill
Erin Lavin
Antonino Masuzzo
Harry Rogers
James Moore

Living Bridges
Eloise Langley-Moore
Cordy Bloxham
Alyx Williams
Cameron Pierce
Hannah Brand
Anna Gomm

The Effect of Alcohol on the Body
Tommy Johnson
Chris Motley
Corey Haynes
Ben Weedall
Daniel Larway
Lewis Kneen

The Effect of Alcohol on the Body 2
Josh Diel
Finnleigh Martin
Kacper Grodzki
Ethan Hughes
Joseph Korpalski
Will Ebbrell

The Worm Firm
Taylor Woods
Sam Hills
Karley Fortune
Amelia Skuza
Molly Ryan
Isabelle Jones

Vet Club 1
Grace Christelow
Kate Christelow
Nicky Fallon
Alex Lightbound
Shaun Hoolahan
Josin Jibu

Vet Club 2
Zak Smith
Natalie McQueen
Lydia Tucker
Blazej Krymski
Evie Skerrett

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College

The Portable Hot Chocolate Machine
Grace Dooley
Bethaney Glover
Charlotte Glover
Bodie Pye
Isabel Brady
Julia Adamczuk
Daniel Carpenter
Ceri Griffiths
Leah Rathbone

Wade Deacon

Urban Aquaponics Future Food Challenge
Jamie McQuillan
Annabelle McGrath
Lily Brown
Kate Nickels
Abigail Denton
Dawn Woodward
Macie McNally
Emma Holgate
Sam Barrow
Lucy Gregory
Emma Gray
Ellie Hatton Daly
Georgia Greenwood

Whitehaven School

Project Heatwave
Josh Gillson
Ben Gillson
Toby Parr
Thomas Hail

Woodchurch High School

Aquaponics Design and Production
Hannah Robertson
Kayla Liversage
Melissa Jones
Aimee Smith
Heather Fox
Emma Rose Pue
Deakin Gill
Fox Clay-Stevens
Marc Ombler
Daniel Bennett
Ryan Prior
Sam Moorhead
Sam Morris
Kendrick Moore

Good luck to all of our entrants, we can’t wait to see you all at The Big Bang North West 2018!

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