Royal Society of Chemistry: Educational Grants
January 07th 2019

Royal Society of Chemistry: Educational Grants

The RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector (BMCS) has been providing funds for small educational projects in schools and colleges for many years. The unifying theme of all of these projects has been their common objective of enhancing the learning (and teaching) experience in relation to chemistry for students (and teachers). Since 2007 there have been almost 100 applications for funds, most of which the BMCS has taken pleasure in supporting.

During this period they have offered support in two main areas: Enhanced Equipment and Chemistry Clubs. While they continue to encourage applications for both of these funding streams they are adding two more funding areas to the portfolio: One is in relation to encouraging projects that bring together schools/ colleges and their local universities (Partnership of 3) and the other is to support appropriate activities in undergraduate Chemistry Societies (UG ChemSoc).

Funding Areas

Enhanced Equipment
For Primary and Secondary Schools to fund equipment not available through their mainstream budget.

Chemistry Clubs
Funds for activities run at schools/colleges outside the normal science timetable.

Partnership of 3
Supporting activities that bring together at least three different partners for chemistry outreach activities.

UG ChemSoc
Funding for student societies promoting biological and medicinal chemistry.

Funding through RSC Local Sections
Collaboration between schools and colleges with their RSC Local Section.

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Application notification:

Receipt of application: 15 November
Notification of decision: Mid December

Receipt of application: 15 February
Notification of decision: Mid March

Receipt of application: 15 May
Notification of decision: Mid June

Receipt of application: 15 Aug
Notification of decision: Mid September

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– Complete a CREST Award in your Chemistry Club

CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

Start a STEM Club in school!

There’s no magic formula for creating a great STEM Club. Some are truly cross-curricular ‘STEM’ clubs, others might be science clubs, puzzle clubs, computer clubs… anything that gives students a chance to practise a STEM skill counts!



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