World Food Day is coming! Competition & Activities
October 14th 2019

World Food Day is coming! Competition & Activities

World Food Day is a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger. Held annually on 16th October, people from around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicate worldwide hunger.

Celebrate World Food Day & learn more with your class by entering the new Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Poster Competition. They have a fantastic downloadable activity book too!

World Food Day Poster contest (Age 5-19)
Children and teens all over the world, from age 5 to 19, can use their imagination to create a poster that illustrates their idea of what needs to be done to make healthy diets available for everyone and how each of us can improve our diets.

Find out more about the World Food Day Competition!
Resources: Download the World Food Day Activity Book

Competition closes 8 November 2019.

Need resources? Read on for more…

World Food Day Projects: CREST Awards

CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. There are many ways to run CREST with your students and so many fantastic activities.

CREST Bronze Award: What’s in a Food
CREST Bronze Award: Waste-Free Lunch

World Food Day Projects: Practical Action

Practical Action Global Project Ideas provide an excellent starting point for pupils wanting to do a project based on Global issues, whether as part of the CREST Awards Scheme;  as an extended project for their Duke of Edinburgh Award or A level, or as part of the Children’s University Passport.

Project resources include Sustainable Cities, Clean Water & Sanitation & Zero Hunger.

Global Project Goals: Zero Hunger

More on World Food Day
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