International Day of Mathematics: Resources & Activities
March 11th 2020

International Day of Mathematics: Resources & Activities

The International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a worldwide celebration of maths taking place on the 14th of March. All countries are invited to participate through activities for both students and the general public in schools, museums, libraries and other spaces.

Take a look below as we’ve brought together an awesome list of maths resources for school, STEM club or home. Plan a session or event to celebrate and share your activities and involvement!

The theme for 2020 is Mathematics is Everywhere!

  • We travel the world guided by precise mathematical calculations based on the position of the sun, stars and GPS satellites.
  • We explore the inside of the human body through CT scans and MRI by building images out of numerical data through mathematical algorithms.
  • We photographed a black hole and continue exploring the edges of the universe with mathematics.

Think about…

  • The number of petals in flowers.
  • Fractals in nature.
  • Patterns in the skins of animals and wings of insects.
  • Architectural landscapes: suspension bridges, arches, structures.
  • Mathematics in music
  • Things with shapes that can be described algebraically
  • Stacked spheres, like fruits or cannonballs

The IDM ‘Maths is Everywhere‘ website provides a fantastic collection of subjects and starting points for home or classroom activities.

IDM Resources:

Buffon’s Needles
Chaotic Dancing
Mathematics Scavenger Hunt
Paper Activities
Melting the Ice and Orders of Magnitude
More from IDM…

Numberphile Videos

Mathematical Moments
A series of posters in several languages that show, through very relatable examples, the role of mathematics in science, nature, technology and human culture. 

Snapshots of Modern Maths

STEM Learning Maths Resources & Ideas

STEM Learning have CPD, ideas & an enormous library of resources and activities, click here to take a look!

Primary Mathematics
Secondary and A-level Maths
Engineering in Maths
Magic Science and Maths
ESERO: Space Themed Maths Resources

Additional Resources:

Have you got maths eyes?
All About STEM – Maths Activities Collection
Maths Everywhere – An interactive tool to help with number and calculations in everyday life
BBC Bitesize – Maths Games & Learning (All Ages)
Online Maths Games
Secondary Interactive Games
Fraction Finder & Ration Rumble
Association of Teachers of Mathematics: Open Resources
Teaching Ideas for Maths Day (5-11)

You can plan a STEM club or school event and register it here. Tag IDM314 on Facebook or Twitter and let them know your plans…

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Pi Day takes place on the same date as the International Day of Mathematics, click here to find out more and download your resources!

International Day of Mathematics website

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