Mission X: Train Like An Astronaut!
September 15th 2020

Mission X: Train Like An Astronaut!

Mission X is an international educational challenge, focusing on fitness and nutrition, that encourages students to train like an astronaut.

Teams of young people learn the principles of healthy eating and exercise, take part in training modules, and get excited about the world’s future in space and the educational possibilities for their own future.

Young people learn scientific reasoning and demonstrate teamwork whilst participating in hands-on training missions targeting strength, endurance, coordination, balance and spatial awareness.

Mission X is aimed at students aged 8 to 12 but the activities can be adapted to suit other ages. The programme can be delivered either through the curriculum, through collapsed timetable days, through homework challenges, clubs … or a mixture!

Sign up now for launch on the 4th of January 2021!

Mission X: How it works
Mission X: Welcome Guide For Teachers

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