Primary CREST Awards: World Animal Day
October 01st 2020

Primary CREST Awards: World Animal Day

World Animal Day embraces all animals and the unique concerns of each, in every country, and makes animals front-page news. Through increased awareness and education, we can all help develop a compassionate culture which makes this world a fairer place for all living creatures.

Official World Animal Day Resources
Global Wave
Selfie Poster
Colouring Sheets

CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. There are many ways to run CREST and there are so many fantastic activities.

Why not try a CREST project to celebrate World Animal Day?

Star & Superstar Awards are aimed at Primary children & can be completed at school or home.

Star Awards are a great introduction to problem-solving in STEM. They offer children the opportunity to learn through hands-on challenges that focus on their everyday lives.

SuperStar resources are short, teacher-led activities that can be completed easily by primary children aged 7-11.

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