Secondary: Christmas Party CREST!
December 10th 2020

Secondary: Christmas Party CREST!

Teachers, are your students feeling festive?
Did you know that there are CREST projects that are perfect for Christmas? Prepare to party with entertainment and snacks and don’t forget to make presents too!

Build a Disco Light (14+)
Lighting makes a party, right? This project gives you all the information and inspiration you need to design and build your own set-up!

Make a Speaker System (16+)
You can’t have a party without music. These aren’t just any speakers, try comparing them to commercial ones.

Make your own Fizzy Drinks (11+)
Sweet, bubbly and delicious, what’s not to like? It’s your recipe so don’t forget to give your party beverage a name.

Which Crisps are Crispiest? (11+)
Investigate what makes crisps crispy – the testing is the delicious part – yum!

Make & Test Ceramic Jewellery (16+)
Create beautiful presents as you learn about chemistry, materials and fashion.
Additional project: Make a Wooden Pendant (11+)

Bath Bomb Challenge
Who doesn’t like a pamper at Christmas – perfect gifts to make, bag-up and finish with a bow!

These are just a few fun suggestions, but CREST is not just for Christmas. There are so many projects to choose from throughout the year. Take a look!

CREST helps young people aged 5-19 to become independent and reflective learners through enquiry-based project work.

CREST Awards are flexible, can be run in schools, clubs or at home and have no set timetable. Projects can start whenever you want and take as long as you need – perfect during these unprecedented times.

CREST Primary: Star & Superstar
CREST Bronze Award: 10 hours in total
CREST Silver Award: 30 hours in total
CREST Gold Award: 70 hours in total
CREST Discovery: Can be completed in a day

As North West Regional CREST Support OrganisationAll About STEM promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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