Nuffield Research Placements: A-level students receive Gold Crest Awards
April 28th 2021

Nuffield Research Placements: A-level students receive Gold Crest Awards

Three Hugh Baird College A-level students have successfully completed Nuffield Research Placements and will each receive a Gold Crest Award. Learners attended their placements during the summer, which were held remotely this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Remote placements provide “a meaningful and rewarding research experience where students develop essential science, technology, engineering and math’s (STEM) skills by working with a professional researcher on a live research question and embark on new and innovative ways of working within a virtual learning environment.”

Student excerpt: “I explored how clinicians and investigators had tested critically ill Covid-19 patients, what results they obtained and what conclusions they gathered from each treatment. Additionally, my report also discussed the pros and cons of each treatment and I suggested a treatment that could be used to improve the patient’s health and hence increase survival rates.”

“It was a bit scary at first, because I have never written an academic scientific report before and I have never done an academic poster in my life, but with dedication and hard work I was able to achieve this and much more. I have also gained lots of skills that will equip me for university, such as writing a good report; developing my communication, time management and organisation skills; taking constructive criticism; resilience; and I’ve improved my research skills. The experience has increased my confidence for university to a whole another level. Additionally, through this programme, I was able to achieve the Gold Crest Awards and finally, my first ever manuscript or scientific article is on the way to getting published.”

Joe Poole, Director of Curriculum, Hugh Baird College said:

“Receiving a Gold Crest Award is an amazing achievement and I’m incredibly proud of our students. The skills they have gained by completing the Nuffield Programme will certainly ready them for their next steps, and I know they have benefitted greatly from the experience. I must also thank staff within the Faculty of Maths, Science & Health who have encouraged and supported our students throughout this programme.”

Congratulations Hugh Baird!

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