STEM Ambassadors Illuminating Careers at Meols Cop High School
June 14th 2021

STEM Ambassadors Illuminating Careers at Meols Cop High School

On the 18th of May, Dr Kay Abbott visited Meols Cop High School to host a STEM ambassador session on veterinary medicine and careers. Year 9 thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was wonderful for us to hear that many budding vets were inspired!

STEM Ambassadors really can make a difference. Take a look at this fantastic feedback:

“I just wanted to share how good this STEM ambassador session was. Kay had clearly spent a lot of time planning and had made videos of her surgeries from last week. The session was super-cool but also really informative, she highlighted the realities of the role and all of the career pathways. Several of our students went straight to see our careers advisor after the session to see about careers in veterinary medicine. I am now trying to think of another reason to get her back simply because she was so inspiring!” – Mrs McLeigh, Assistant Subject Leader of Science, Meols Cop High School

During the session, Kay went through a day in her life as a veterinary surgeon. She presented videos of her carrying out consultations, videos of dental surgery on a dog and another surgeon spaying a cat. The videos were both comprehensive and interesting as they highlighted all of the important moments. Kay also explained her career route, which she took further by showing students all the wonderful opportunities she has had because of her education.

Dr Kay Abbott, STEM Ambassador – “I’m really glad that Year 9 enjoyed it! It is great to be able to give the students a very real view of what a vet actually does – it’s not all cuddling kittens! Showing the varied opportunities that a veterinary qualification can bring will hopefully inspire the next generation to consider science as a career.”

It sounds to us that you did just that Dr Kay! Real-life learning with real-life experiences.
Students, teachers, professionals and STEM ambassadors working together.
Congratulations to all on a STEMsational session!

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