Teach Computing: Up North Computing Festival!
June 14th 2021

Teach Computing: Up North Computing Festival!

Excellent news! All of the NCCE Computing Hubs in the North of England are joining forces to bring you the Up North Computing Festival and there’s so much on offer.

“Come and join us for a jam-packed computing festival brought to you by the NCCE Computing Hubs in the North of England. All sessions are fully funded but booking is required. You are welcome to attend one, or all of the sessions!” Teach Computing.

This is going to be amazing! Take a look at the flyer for full details and book your sessions now using the links below.

Monday 5th July

Sonic Pi – KS2/KS3
Using Inkscape to teach vector graphics – KS3
Sequencing in primary – KS1 and KS2
Physical computing: Crumbles – KS2
Introduction to developing digital leaders in Primary schools – KS1 and KS2
A PRIMM approach to teaching Programming – KS3 & KS4
Assessment using EdTech Kahoot and more – KS3-KS5

Tuesday 6th July

Vectors, DotProduct and Pygame – KS5
Unplugged computing ideas – EYFS-KS2
Physical Computing: micro:bits – KS2
Computing and Art – EYFS-KS2
Scratch for all – KS2 & KS3
Physical Computing: Crumble controllers – KS2
Leading Digitally Confident Schools: What goes into a toolkit? – KS1 – 4

Wednesday 7th July

Assembly language – taking it beyond GCSE – KS4/5
How to create and manipulate SQL databases in Python using SQLite – KS4
Computational Thinking – KS4/5
Using Blender to teach animation – KS3
Sequencing in primary – KS1 and KS2
Minecraft what can it do? – KS2 -KS4
Steganography using JES – KS4

Thursday 8th July

Developing Computational Thinking in the Early Year – EYFS
Turtle in Trinket
– KS3/4
JSON, API’s and MatPlotLib – KS5
Secondary Sorting and Searching with Graphstation – KS3-5
Physical Computing: Crumble – KS2
Primary Computational Thinking – KS1-2
Physical Computing: Micro:bit – KS2-3

Friday 9th July

Computing Career Pathways – KS3/4
iPads and the Primary Computing curriculum – KS1/2
Encouraging girls into GCSE computer science – KS3
Computing Career Pathways – KS3/4
Assessing computational thinking in primary schools – KS1/2
SQL for GCSE – KS4

Click here to choose your sessions and book!

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