CREST: Secondary Bronze Awards
July 01st 2021

CREST: Secondary Bronze Awards

Our primary ‘at a glance’ list of CREST projects was a hit with teachers, so we’re going to share secondary projects in the same way – starting with Bronze Awards!

If you’re looking for a class project based on a theme or subject, you can find them highlighted below.

Bronze Awards are typically completed by students aged 11+. They complete a ten-hour project which is a perfect introduction to STEM project work. Over the course of the project, teams of students design their own investigation, record their findings, and reflect on their learnings. This process gives students a taste of what it is like to be a scientist or engineer in the real-world.

Projects, Subjects & Themes:

A Clean BreakPhysics, Materials, Crime
Study materials to learn about how to investigate breaks

Bath Bomb ChallengeHome, Chemistry, Engineering
Investigate to find the best recipe for home-made bath bombs

Design a Game Controller Engineering, Design, Entertainment
Use ergonomics to design a game controller

Fraud Detection – Testing MetalsChemistry, Materials, Crime
Use Archimedes’ principle to investigate the composition of metal items.

Home Entertainment CabinetTechnology, Design, Entertainment
Design and build a cabinet for your home entertainment system

How do Rockets Work?Physics, Forces, Entertainment
Investigate how rockets are propelled by building and testing a model rocket kit.

Insulating FabricsTextiles, Energy Transfer, Clothes
Devise an experiment to compare the insulating properties of different fabrics.

Make a Rollercoaster FasterPhysics, Design, Entertainment
Design and test your own rollercoaster to see how you can make it go faster.

Make a Wooden PendantMaterials, Textiles, Fashion
Research, design and make a wooden pendant.

Make Your Own AnimationArt, Design, Entertainment
Learn about animations by designing and making your own.

Make Your Own Fizzy Drink Food, Chemistry, Engineering
Investigate different soft frink recipes and design an experiment to make the perfect fizzy drink.

Make Your Own Toothpaste Chemistry, Health, Engineering
Experiment with different ingredients to find the best recipe for cleaning teeth.

Monitoring Acid RainChemistry, Environment, Weather
Investigate air pollution levels by sampling rain water and finding out about the causes of pollution in your local area.

Plant Growth & NutrientsBiology, Plants, Gardening
Find out how nutrients in compost affect growth rates.

Quality ControlPhysics, Materials, Food
Find out about quality control by taking on the role of a factory quality checker.

Revealing FingerprintsMaterials, Chemistry, Crime
Find out which methods are best for revealing fingerprints on different surfaces.

Sailing ClothingChemistry, Materials, Sport
Test breathability and water resistance to decide which fabrics are best for sailing.

The Perfect Cup of TeaFood, Chemistry, Engineering
Investigate a range of methods for making tea and devise an experiment to make the perfect cup of tea for you.

Treatments for DehydrationBiology, Health, Holidays
Test different oral rehydration salts to learn more about the causes and consequences of dehydration.

Waste-Free LunchFood, Environment, Engineering
Introduce a ‘waste-free’ linch programme

What Makes Bread Rise? Food, Microbiology, Engineering
Investigate different bread recipes and design an experiment to get the perfect rise.

What’s in a Food?Biology, Digestion, Food
Test a range of foods to find out about the nutrients they contain.

Which Crisps are Crispiest?Food, Chemistry, Engineering
Investigate different types of crisps to find out what makes the crispy.

Which Material is Strongest?Materials, Physics, Fashion
Test materials to find out the strength of each.

Who is the Fittest in Your Class?Biology, Health, Sport
Measure the baseline level of fitness of a group of volunteers.

Why do we use Shampoo? Home, Chemistry, Hygiene
Compare shop bought shampoo to alternative liquid cleaning products.

Worldwide WashingBiology, Hygiene, Sanitation
Investigate how sanitation can help solve global health challenges.

Industrial Strategy Grand ChallengesAgeing Society, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Growth, Future of Mobility

Machine Learning – Resource PackArtificial Intelligence, Product Design, Research, Technology, Engineering

Don’t forget, if you’re new to CREST, you can download comprehensive Getting Started guides here.

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