Ahead of the Game: What’s Your Edge?
August 13th 2021

Ahead of the Game: What’s Your Edge?

The Careers & Enterprise Company have added more activities to their successful Ahead of the Game resources!

Learners can now take five mini careers sessions from Start to help them think about their skills, discover potential careers and prepare for the journey ahead – perfect for any student receiving their results but unsure about the future!

Videos and worksheets are included and some are suitable for all ages to help young people think about careers.

Sessions include:

Your Career Goals
Understanding our goals (the things we want to achieve) helps us to make plans, be more effective and make sense of all the information and advice we’re given on a daily basis. How well do you know your goals?

Let’s Play a Game
At some point, we all watch films, TV or play video games. The people who create and produce these ‘products’ have one key thing in common… creativity. Creative people are in high demand – so, how creative are you?

What’s Your Edge?
How do you stand out from the crowd? We all have interests, skills or strengths that we can work on or show off to set ourselves apart from everyone else. How do you find out what these are and how can you start to develop them?

Find & Win Your Dream Job
When it comes to getting the job you want, qualifications and experiences are only worth something if you get the chance to show them off! The truth is, the first step to getting your dream job starts with a bit of hard work and a lot of research!

Ace Your Interview
Competency-based interview questions can be hard to answer but important to get right! They require you to provide real-life examples, which can be particularly difficult for school and college leavers. What techniques can you use?

Click here to try these self-guided activities & more!

Ahead of the Game Resources

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