Celebrate Roald Dahl Day 2021 with CREST!
September 02nd 2021

Celebrate Roald Dahl Day 2021 with CREST!

Roald Dahl Day celebrates and commemorates the wonderful work of Roald Dahl, his writing, characters and stories.

Alongside the official Roald Dahl Story Day resources, why not try a CREST activity? Your learners can channel Willy Wonka or George & his marvellous medicine to investigate and experiment!

Take a look at the fun projects below and plan your sessions for the 13th of September!


Star Projects

Perfect for 5-7 year olds who are starting their STEM journey. Inspire primary-aged students with short, hands-on activities that challenge them to explore the world around them.

  • Brilliant Bubbles
  • Teabag Troubles
  • Muddy Mess

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Superstar Projects

Most suitable for upper primary students who are looking for a challenge.

  • A Sticky Problem
  • Get Set Jellies
  • Testing Tea
  • Investigating Ink
  • Testing Toothpaste
  • Yummy Yoghurt

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An introduction to STEM project work for 11-14 year olds working in teams. Empower your students to run their own investigation from start to finish – let them run the project they want to do!

  • Bath Bomb Challenge
  • Which Crisps are Crispiest?
  • Make Your Own Fizzy Drink
  • Make Your Own Toothpaste
  • Why do we use Shampoo?
  • What’s in a Food?

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A challenge for your 14-16 year old students by running their own STEM projects in teams or individually.

  • Which Crisps are Healthiest?
  • Investigate the Fizz in Fizzy Drinks
  • Testing Toothpastes
  • Using Chromatography
  • Make Your Own Tea Bag
  • How Does Cooking Change Pasta?

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Stretch your 16-19 year old students with a long-term, open-ended project ideal for enhancing their UCAS applications.

  • The Effect of Treatment on Hair
  • Investigating Vitamins
  • The Perfect Lipstick Colour
  • Fruit Juice or Fizzy Drinks?
  • Everything is Brighter After a Cup of Tea

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A one-day STEM project perfect for challenging your 11-14 year old students. Develop your students’ communication, problem solving and teamwork skills by addressing a real-world challenge over the course of a day.

It’s easy.. take a look at the projects and start CREST today!

Videos: Reading Roald Dahl Stories – Roald Dahl HQ
Videos: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (BSL)

Roald Dahl: Indoor Activities
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