The IET: New STEM Squad Comic & Challenge!
September 09th 2021

The IET: New STEM Squad Comic & Challenge!

To help children ‘marvel’ at the world of STEM, The IET has joined forces with comic book artists, Andy Lanning and Ant Williams (best known for bringing some of the world’s most famous superheroes to life – like Captain America and The Hulk).

The comic book they’ve created sees the ‘STEM Squad’ – featuring famous British astronaut Tim Peake, Mums in Tech founder June Angelides MBE, presenter and STEM ambassador James Young, AKA Metal Gear Man and electronics design engineer Shrouk El-Attar – come together as a team to use their STEM superpowers to tackle a giant smog monster threatening to destroy one of the world’s biggest solar farms. How can they save the day? With the help of more engineers and scientists!

Click below to take a look and share this phenomenal comic with your students.
If you’re left wanting more when you hit the last page, there’s also an awesome competition challenging children to design their own superhero gadget!

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