STEMFirst: STEM Opportunities for Primary & Secondary Schools
December 16th 2021

STEMFirst: STEM Opportunities for Primary & Secondary Schools

STEMFirst are offering even more online Primary & Secondary CPD for the new year.
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You can click here to view their new Space CPD too!

Teacher THIS is ME – I am a STEM Ambassador Awareness Sessions

STEMFirst is the STEM Ambassador Hub for Lancashire and Cumbria. We have 1700+ STEM Ambassador volunteers who can support your school free of charge.

Teachers ask us: Who are STEM Ambassadors? What types of people do you have? How can we use them easily?

This short session will show you how!

“Historically schools had to request STEM Ambassadors, however, our NEW platform allows STEM Ambassadors to OFFER things to schools. Come and see what STEM Ambassadors are offering!

We will show you the new STEM Ambassadors website and how to access the wonderful things STEM Ambassadors are offering schools – talks, activities, their own show-and-tell’s, virtual work-experience, STEM storytime!”

Suitable for Primary and Secondary teachers and support staff.

  • Who are STEM Ambassadors?
  • How can we access them in school (Primary and Secondary)?
  • How can I easily fit STEM Ambassadors into the curriculum?

Dates:  Thursday 20 January 2022 or Thursday 3 March 2022  4:15 – 4:45pm online

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Our Lakes, Our Future – Environmental STEM Challenge LaunchKS2 – KS3 Teachers

(Virtual resource launch with the Lake District National Park – 13 January 2022)

STEMFirst has been working with the Lake District National Park in Cumbria to design a set of STEM challenges using puzzles and logic problems to increase young people’s awareness of environmental issues, low carbon transport and how to protect our natural parks.

This session 13th January 4:15 – 5:15pm is to give teachers and STEM Ambassadors an awareness of this resource and hopefully encourage you to take up the challenge.

The challenges can be done in school time or as homework.  

You will hear from the National Park Education Team, meet STEM Ambassadors and get an overview of this amazing set of FREE STEM Resources.

These are fantastic resources – especially for CUMBRIA schools as all activities look at protecting the Lake District, making ‘green’ decisions and using maths and reasoning to decide on ways to look after our environment.

Links to Maths/Numeracy, logic, employability skills and real-world application of science/maths.  

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See Inside Industry with Siemens10 February 2022   4:15 – 5:15pmKS2 – KS4

What will our future look like?
In what way is technology changing our world?
How can science and engineering help our planet?

STEMFirst is excited to offer teachers a virtual opportunity to See Inside Siemens to ask these and more questions.

This session will give you an overview of what Siemens do, the types of people that work for them, routes into their company and also an introduction to the amazing STEM resources that Siemens offers.

  • Come and hear from some Siemens STEM Ambassadors tell their own careers stories.
  • Have an overview of the interactive Infinity Star-ship virtual STEM Resource
  • Find out how to link STEM Ambassador volunteers into your school and how they can enrich your curriculum

This session is suitable for teachers from upper KS2 – KS4

Outcomes: Awareness of this multi-faceted company, what they do and the amazing resources available to support schools including activities around smart factories, digital twins and green cities.

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RAF Virtual STEM Event: See Inside the RAF (Royal Air Force) + FREE login for pupils to virtual RAF career resource

This session will involve short talks from a variety of RAF personnel about their own jobs, the diverse range of STEM roles and their career journeys.  There will be signposting to resources, information about RAF Career pathways and also an opportunity for Q&A and to find out what else the RAF can offer to schools to support STEM enrichment and the curriculum.

  • Find out more about the plethora of STEM roles within the Royal Air Force and how the RAF works.
  • Medicine, gaming, sports or travel logistics; see the incredible range of STEM opportunities and careers available.
  • Chat to a range of STEM Ambassadors and hear from them about their diverse stories and career journeys.

Please book this FREE virtual session on the following link and we look forward to meeting you!

ALL teachers that sign up for the session will be given a login to the amazing virtual RAF careers resource ‘Access All Areas’. This is a unique offer which will enable you and your students to virtually explore an RAF base, explore the range of jobs, ‘see inside’ various facilities and find out about the work and roles involved. This additional opportunity is only available to students from the schools that attend on the 19th and will take part towards the end of May, so sign up at the link below now!

Suitable for teachers.

Date: 19 May 4:15 – 5:30pm

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STEM Club CPD for Lancashire & Cumbria STEM Clubs – Getting Started

STEMFirst is running a range of STEM Club CPD sessions for Secondary schools. 

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of your school running a STEM Club for school and the benefits for attendees
  • Utilise best practice techniques from experienced club leaders to ensure a successful first 18 months, including how to recruit students and gain support from colleagues
  • Discover potential sources of funding and resources
  • Explore avenues of support including working with STEM Ambassadors, parents and local industry

Book: 3 February 4 – 6pm  (FREE for State Schools) 
Book: 22 March 4 – 6pm (FREE for State Schools)

STEM Clubs – Enhancing Employability Skills and Careers Knowledge

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • develop a plan with short, medium, and long-term goals to increase careers awareness and employability skills
  • utilise Science Capital and Gatsby Careers Benchmarks to identify aspects of the club that support the school’s career plan
  • create a detailed schedule of events and opportunities to expand student experiences of potential careers and STEM influences
  • identify a series of employability skills from the Skills Builder framework to be supported in club projects
  • provide real world context to projects and implement work-related roles for the students

Book: 8 February  4 – 6pm
Book: 29 March 5 – 7pm

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