Daresbury Laboratory Virtual Accelerator & Particle Physics Masterclass 2022
March 08th 2022

Daresbury Laboratory Virtual Accelerator & Particle Physics Masterclass 2022

Virtual Event Date: 29 03 2022

This event is usually held onsite at Daresbury Laboratory, but in 2021 due to the Covid -19 pandemic, sessions were virtual.

Due to the outstanding success of those sessions, Team Daresbury has decided to offer their Masterclass virtually again in 2022!

“These Masterclasses are run by particle physics researchers at various institutes all over the country and since the inception of the programme in 1997, have proved to be stimulating and informative for thousands of students and hundreds of schools. These Masterclasses also provide excellent support for the material on particle physics which is in secondary curricula.

The Daresbury Laboratory Masterclass provides a unique chance for students to engage in inspiring talks delivered by our world-class scientists and engineers, join virtual tours of a particle accelerator and a deep underground particle physics laboratory, participate in interactive workshops and learn about the exciting careers in particle physics and accelerator technology.  

So we would love your school to join us!”

Click the button to find out more and express an interest on behalf of your students.

The event date is now set for 29 March 2022.

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