Q&A: How to host a Nuffield Research Placement
May 19th 2022

Q&A: How to host a Nuffield Research Placement

As an employer or academic institution, you can nurture future talent by hosting a Nuffield Research Placement!

Do you have a suitable project for a Year 12 learner?
Students are bright, capable, and can complete a variety of tasks including data analysis, scoping, and experimental design.

Take a look at this quick Q&A to see how you can get involved.

What is a Nuffield Research Placement?

Nuffield Research Placements give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to gain skills and confidence in science and research. They are provided by the Nuffield Foundation as part of its mission to improve social well-being and educational opportunity across the UK and an independent evaluation has shown them to increase access to university courses in STEM subjects.

How long would a placement be? 2-3 weeks

For the student, 4 – 6 weeks, which includes some independent study ahead of a 2-3 week real-world research collaboration with their Project Supervisor. 

Which projects work well?

A well-supervised but independent research project suitable for a 16/17 year-old. Projects must have broadly scientific, quantitative or technical content, but they don’t have to be based in a laboratory. They might be office-based or include a lot of fieldwork, or they might focus on engineering, data analysis or computer science.

How do I offer a placement?

Nuffield Research Placements are administered by a network of regional coordinators across the UK. Your Nuffield coordinator will select students who are suitable for your project and will support them throughout the process. The first step is to have a conversation with your local coordinator, who will tell you all you need to know about hosting a student.

What are the benefits?

By hosting a Nuffield Research Placement you can support young people and diversify your workforce while forging strong links with schools and colleges in your local area.

Inspire – Inspire the next generation of researchers and developers, developing future talent
Mentoring – Develop your mentoring and supervisory skills
Research and development – Work with top students to make significant contributions to your projects
Move forward – Invaluable assistance when time on a project is short
Public engagement – Make progress towards organisational and strategic objectives with the public
No financial commitment – Travel expenses are provided for students
Enhance – Enhance institutional reputation with new cohorts of students

This sounds like a fantastic opportunity, how do I find out more & get involved?

If you’re based in Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester or Cheshire, contact us below. If not, click here to find your local coordinator.

For further information or to get started today, contact our team via [email protected]

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