CREST Primary: Outdoor Activities
July 07th 2022

CREST Primary: Outdoor Activities

Looking for fun outdoor STEM activities?
Take a look at our ‘at a glance’ list below…

CREST is a STEM enrichment programme for young people that inspires, enables and rewards open-ended project work. With assessments over and Summer holidays on the way, we’ve brought together a list of outdoor CREST activities that are perfect for school or home.

Superstar Awards are recommended for children aged 7-11 years and are presented as a collection of one hour challenges. There are links to 5-7 year old (Star) projects and the NEW CREST project videos too!

Outdoor CREST Superstar Projects (7-11)

Band Rollers – design, energy, forces & motion
Bowled Over – build & test a ten-pin bowling game
Bridge Blunder – weights, forces & measures (NEW video)
Brilliant Birds – birds, habitats, designing & making
Bumblebee Mystery – all about pollinators & their habitats (NEW video)
Camouflaged Creatures – trees, their differences & the life they support
Crafty Rafts – making a raft that floats (NEW video)
Discus Dilemma – designing and making a discus
Drifting Dandelions – looking at seed dispersion
Journey Stick – make a journey stick, chronological order of journeys
Kite Calamity – make a model kite that will fly
Outdoor Gym – looking at outdoor activity and exercise
Playground Games – disabilities & inclusion, creating accessible and inclusive games
Racing Rockets – design and build a high-flying rocket
Recycle Reuse – making paper and thinking about recycling paper (NEW video)
Super Spinners – helicopters and how to make a paper spinner (NEW video)
Windy Ways – wind patterns and directions
Worm Charming – worms and vibrations

Outdoor CREST Star Projects (5-7)

Animal Adventure – minibeasts & habitats (NEW video)
Be Seen Be Safe – reflection & light (NEW video)
Brilliant Bubbles – liquids, gases & bubbles
Confusing Cans – weights, ramps & investigation (NEW video)
Discovery Bag – trees, life support trees give & differences between trees
Muddy Mess – washing materials
Peggy Problem – grip & strength
Plant Detectives – where plants grow (NEW video)
Rainbow Collectors – colours in nature (NEW video)
Scrap Yard Scraps – insulators
Slippery Slidey Shoes – friction
Sneaky Shadow – shadows
Speed Scooters – surfaces & friction
Starting Sounds – how sounds can be made
Tea Bag Trouble – materials
Testing Timers – how sound timers work (NEW video)
Useless Umbrella – water resistance (NEW video)

You can download the resources & discover more about CREST Awards here.

Teacher’s Guide is available to download along with three Superstar booklets packed with project ideas. CREST offer a dedicated Home Learning section too!

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