Smallpiece Trust: Summer Virtual Engineering Courses – Y9/10
July 06th 2022

Smallpiece Trust: Summer Virtual Engineering Courses – Y9/10

The Smallpiece Trust is offering two online engineering courses this Summer for Year 9 and 10 students.

These multi-day courses give an insight into life beyond the classroom and introduce students to industry leaders and get young people with similar interests working together on hands-on projects.

Humanitarian Engineering (Year 9)

Students will learn skills from Hydraulic Engineering to build a clean water system; see what it takes to be a Civil Engineer by constructing a bridge; test themselves as Energy Engineers by generating power with a turbine; and explore Automotive Engineering by making a search-and-rescue vehicle.

02 Aug – 05 Aug 2022 9am – 1pm

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Discover Clean Energy (Year 10)

Ever wondered how a battery worked or if there is one big enough to power an entire city with energy from renewable sources? Find out about some of the challenges faced by the energy industry in the drive for a sustainable future.

Battery storage technology has a key part to play in ensuring homes and businesses can still be powered by clean energy even when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind has stopped blowing. This course allows students to discover more about this and other ways engineers are working for a renewable future. 

22 Aug – 24 Aug 2022 10am – 3pm

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