STEM Clubs Week: Activities Revealed!
June 06th 2023

STEM Clubs Week: Activities Revealed!

STEM Clubs Week takes place from the 3rd to the 7th of July 2023 and STEM Learning has an exciting schedule of online activities and sessions planned around the theme of Artificial Intelligence, the World and You

“The programme provides a series of learning opportunities for students, educators, families and friends to participate in, from live webinars to pre-recorded video premieres.”

STEM Clubs Week is open to all UK schools and colleges and anyone interested in learning more about AI and machine learning. Sessions are suitable for young people aged from 8 to 18+.

Throughout the week, you can discover:

– How AI and machine learning impacts our daily lives
– How the future looks
– What AI means to us
– The benefits and limitations of AI

Scroll down for a snapshot of daily activities and connected resources…

3 July – Demystifying AI

Explore the world of AI, debunk the myths, explore the ethics and join in on debates and discussions.

  • An introduction to AI and machine learning and what it all means (ages 8-18)
  • Live event: a debate hosted at the National STEM Learning Centre, streamed with an audience (ages 14-18)
  • The Ethics of AI – a close philosophical look at AI and machine learning (ages 13-16)
  • Pre-recorded video: a close look at AI, pigeons, the human brain and pattern recognition (ages 10-16)

4 July – AI & Us

Discover how AI surrounds us, how we use it and experience it. You might be surprised!

  • Pre-recorded video – Compare the Market – How AI makes it possible to find information (age TBC)
  • Webinar – Natural Language Processing and the AI that surrounds us (age TBC)
  • Pre-recorded video – Gender and AI (age TBC)

5 July – AI & Health

AI has great potential to ensure our future health care gives us support, diagnosis and solutions in rapid time, supporting the medical profession to be effective, efficient and not overworked.

  • Pre-recorded video – AI, Parkinsons and Macmillan (age TBC)
  • Webinar – AI, Health, Covid and so much more (age TBC)
  • Pre-recorded video – AI and cancer screening (age TBC)

6 July – AI & Entertainment

AI and entertainment is perhaps the most common aspect of AI and machine learning that we take for granted.

  • The schedule of events is being confirmed, as guest speakers finalise their content.
    Updates on these sessions will be available here.

7 July – AI & Transport

Transport is already seeing the integration of AI and machine learning systems but how else is AI involved in the transport industry?

  • Pre-recorded video – AI and aircraft health (age TBC)
  • Pre-recorded video – AI and windscreens
  • Pre-recorded video – summary of the week (ages 8-18)

You can get your school involved in STEM Clubs Week by holding your own debates, taking part in the amazing activities above and sharing your sessions on social media. 

When you book tickets, you can choose specific days or the entire week. Register individually, for a group of students, for a class or for the whole school.

We can’t wait for STEM Clubs Week to begin!


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