Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee

Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee

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Name: Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee
Location: Liverpool
Job Title: Flight Systems Engineer
Company Name: BAE Systems

Fun Fact:

While I was on Maternity Leave, I filmed a few episodes of a TV Series called The Baby Club for Cbeebies with my little boy.

What do you do day-to-day?

My job title is a Flight Systems Engineer which involves designing, developing and supporting a range of aircraft flight systems. In my day-to-day role I could be collaborating with suppliers, performing research, coordinating tasks for my team, liaising with other disciplines and carrying out my tasks which vary depending which part of the Engineering Lifecycle I am working in.

What are the best & worst parts of your role?

The worst part of my role can be balancing workload when unplanned urgent work needs to be done, but I enjoy organising which helps me to manage my workload. The best and most satisfying part of my role is seeing a finished product, that I have been involved with, fitted onto an aircraft.

How do you dress for your role?

I dress smart but comfortably!

What subjects did you study at school & what qualifications do you need for your role?

I studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry for my A levels and completed a Masters degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering at the University of the West of England.

What was your favourite subject in school?

My favourite subject at school was Physics as I enjoyed learning about how things work

What do you see yourself achieving professionally within the next 10 years?

I really enjoy my job and in the next 10 years I hope to be managing a team using the experience that I have gained. I am also currently working towards my Chartership with the Engineering Council which I feel would be a great personal achievement.

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