Scottish Power Days

Scottish Power needed help to find great candidates for their apprenticeships. They needed to show people the opportunities in the company and the excitement of a career in engineering.

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All About STEM developed a Scottish Power taster day, and this has been delivered by the team in partnership with Scottish Power staff successfully for the last two years.

The aim of the day is to enthuse and excite pupils about the opportunities in Scottish Power for engineers. In particular they wanted to inform people about the trainee and apprentice opportunities in the company.

Each year this interactive day has inspired 60 local pupils with a range of activities and talks related to the opportunities available, such as building a model pylon. They then attended careers talks by All About STEM and were informed about what they would be doing at West Cheshire College.

All of the attendees were able to apply to the openings. On each of the days about half of all those that attended applied.

Some of the trainees who were appointed to the positions had attended the taster day – a real successful outcome.

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