Key Information

The First Rule 

The first rule about The Competition is…  do talk about The Competition! To Everyone! Spread the word, share the love, get everyone involved! 


Who knew, in March 2020, what challenges lay ahead for us as individuals, as a country and as a global community? Since then, the world, our values, the way we live, work and communicate have changed and we have all had to adapt and find new ways of doing things.  

This can feel unsettling – change can be difficult to manage – but it is also an exciting opportunity to use our STEM Knowledge and skills to be creative, to reimagine, and to make our lives, our communities, our world, better. 

What would you change? And how would you Make It Happen? 

Working by yourself, with your friends, youth group, STEM Club or classmates, get your thinking hats on and use your STEM knowledge and skills to develop a new product, item, idea or approach which solves a problem facing our world or the people in it.  


The Competition is only open to young people from the North West; the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire. 

Entry Options 

Entry is open to Individuals or Teams. The maximum number of team members is limited to 5. 

Age Groups 

Entries are open to three age groups: 

– Juniors (Primary UKS2, Y5-6, Age 9-11)  
– Inters (Secondary KS3, Y7-9 Age 11-14)   
– Seniors (Secondary KS4 Age 14-16) 

Mixed-age Team entries are acceptable but must be submitted in the age category of the oldest team member.

Entries are welcomed from all contexts; individuals, school groups (from curricular or enrichment settings), youth groups, etc.


Entry submission consists of 2 compulsory requirements:

• A completed Competition Entry Form –
This should be used to provide a narrative description of the project, from concept to completion, outlining the various activities which contributed to the project and may include research, practical activities, input from adults, resources used etc. (Either digital versions or handwritten and scanned versions accepted)

• A Display Board Poster –
This should be used to provide a visual illustration of the various elements of the project, including research findings, investigation results etc as well as the final product/idea and should effectively summarise the project in an engaging and accessible way. (Minimum size A4. Maximum size A1. Either a digital document or a photograph of physical version accepted)

In addition, two possible pieces of optional supplementary evidence can be submitted if desired:

• Up to 5 PowerPoint slides
• A video no more than 5 minutes long (this can be sent as a file or by providing a link on the Competition Entry Form)

N.B. Submission of optional supplementary material will not necessarily provide an advantage.

Entry Submission

Submission must be completed by an adult over the age of 18 (parent, guardian, teacher, youth leader

Entries must be emailed to [email protected].

Subject Line should read ‘Competition Entry: School, Organisation or Individual Name – Age Category’
Attach to the email, as a minimum, a Competition Entry Form and a Display Board Poster.

Submission Deadline
Thursday 30th June 2022 – 5pm

Celebration and Awards Ceremony
Winners will be announced at the virtual All AboutSTEM Competition Celebration and Award Ceremony.

For detailed Competition Guidelines please download the easy-read using the button above.

Click for our dedicated Teacher Page and to discover more about the prizes!