Free ‘Maths to Model Biology’ Resources

Free ‘Maths to Model Biology’ Resources

SiMPLE @ CoMPLEX are a group of research students at University College London. They are passionate about using maths to study biology, something they want to share with the next generation of scientists!

The team have recently developed a lesson pack aimed at Year 9 students based on showing how mathematics can be used to model biology!

The lesson is based around a BBC Frozen Planet clip, and how mathematics can be used to prove that it is not in the interests of all penguins to be criminals.

SiMPLE @ CoMPLEX have also developed a version of their criminal penguins game, suitable for science and community festivals. The target age range is 6 to 11 year olds.

Email them at [email protected] and quote ‘MerseySTEM’ for your resources.

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