Primary Resources: BP Science Explorers!

Primary Resources: BP Science Explorers!

BP Educational Service have launched Science Explorers! A flexible collection of primary resources to help you run a fun Science Day or Week for your class or the whole school – whether you have a science background or not.

Science Explorers was developed in light of research showing:
a) a lack of confidence among primary school teachers when teaching science (the CBI)
b) developing pupils’ “science capital” through relatable science learning is key for engagement (BP’s Enterprising Science)

Step 1:
Become a Science Explorer
Introduce your pupils to the Big Question and have them complete our fun Science Explorer training app or worksheets to unlock your Class Challenge.

Step 2:
Start exploring
Use the resources provided to explore your curriculum-linked Class Challenge in as much depth as you choose.

Step 3:
Report back to base
Bring everyone back together, so that pupils can present their findings to their peers, and watch a congratulatory film.

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