The Vikings are coming!
April 17th 2014

The Vikings are coming!

We promised you bigger and better and The Big Bang Northwest 2014 is going to be huge… so much so, the Vikings are already on the way!

Check out the Viking longboat heading by the Houses of Parliament, it’s soon to be hauled ashore and hot-footed to Aintree by its wayfaring warriors. They’re bringing weapons too, I can barely contain myself – Raaaaaaaaaaaa!

You’ll be able to meet Viking Bjarni Thorvaldrson, with his intrepid Jarl Erling Rigsson, and Hrefna the Viking sailor, as they show you how the Vikings used maths and science to conquer the world… or most of it anyway.

We know you don’t want to miss this, click here to register and join us for The Big Bang Northwest on the 8th of July.

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Hurry, because the Vikings are coming.
I best go find a hat with horns!


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