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We go by many names, but you can be sure that the good people who make up our fantastic team are agile, ambitious and extremely talented. Get to know us a little more and find out who you need to speak to below. You never know what you might discover!

Laura Pilgrim

Strategy Manager

Laura is an interloper from the Visual Arts world.
Her background in events and participation projects helps keep All About STEM on its toes with her creative thinking.
With her fingers in lots of different pies across the organisation, she is the ‘go-to-gal’ for fresh eyes on a problem, creative approaches to projects and quirky ideas that set us apart.
With her strategic overview of the many spinning plates in the world of All About STEM, she keeps us all focused and charging forward!

Get in touch with Laura if you want to discuss how we can help your business or if Michelle hasn’t answered your email…

Fun Facts

Laura starts making Christmas cakes in August each year. Without fail.

Selena Ledgerton

Media, Web & Marketing Manager

Selena is our 24/7 web, media and marketing overlord.

It is essential in today’s social and connected age that All About STEM stays current and you stay up to date with what we are doing. Too often great inspirational things happen in our schools that nobody ever finds out about. Selena’s job is to spread the #STEMtastic tales of celebration far and wide (and in 140 characters). Whether it’s event coverage, live tweeting or shouting about the invaluable work our STEM Ambassadors do, Selena is your girl.

Get in touch to share what you are doing or celebrate being inspirational. #AllAboutSTEM

Fun Facts

Selena is a self confessed geek and expert level gamer!

Helen McCann

STEM Ambassador Manager

Helen is our STEM Ambassador Manager

Processing thousands of applications, DBS renewals and arranging hundreds of inductions with our industry partners with a Hawk’s eye for detail Helen ensures that our STEM Ambassadors have a smooth and enjoyable experience from application to induction. She then waves them off, like a proud mum at the school gate, as they embark on their first activities with schools.

Get in touch if you have any questions about your STEM Ambassador application, induction or DBS check.

Michelle Dow

Managing Director

Michelle is our Managing Director. If you’ve met her then you will already know what she is about. In fact, she has probably got you involved in the quest to inspire and engage our young people. If you’ve yet to met her…then what are you waiting for? There is always cake on standby.

Always one for the non-traditional approach Michelle began her career as an apprentice Gas Service Engineer in the early 90's and was quickly identified as one to watch. Moving swiftly through the ranks she swapped her gas van for a BMW and began the challenge of management in a large organisation.

Fast forward a few years & the first incarnation of the company, MerseySTEM was born out of the need to take action to provide a translation and engagement service between industry & education that is honest, effective & innovative. As the reputation and geography of 'her patch' grew All About STEM became the natural successor and the new name and vision was launched in 2016. Merseyside and beyond!!

Businesses need to attract new talent in a fast paced technological world and schools need to equip our young people for the future at the same pace. But, critically, both are often inundated with information whilst facing their own sectors’ evolving challenges.

Fun Facts

Michelle is bi-lingual...she speaks fluent Scottish being married to Scotsman. She also likes cake.

Alison Christoffer

Operations Manager

Ali keeps the wheels turning and keeps us all on course. Always on the go and with a special talent for translating strategy into action. Ali oversees our working relationships, engagement with and advice to schools & teachers. It’s her personal mission to ensure that it is relevant, supportive, and purposeful.

With a twenty year teaching career, much of which spent as a Head of Department in a large secondary school, Ali has a deep understanding of and a sharp insight into the evolving educational landscape as well as the implications of policy and the day to challenges these present to teachers at the chalk face.

It was this passion and understanding of teachers’ needs that inspired Michelle to poach Ali to become her ‘right hand man’ and embark upon the MerseySTEM adventure. Together they have successfully grown the business from scratch with a people centred approach.

We believe that good communication is key in achieving our aim to be the trusted voice for teachers, filtering out the noise. Ali’s talent for remembering names and faces is legendary, as is her ability to relate and ‘speak human’, but you probably already know this!

Contact Ali if your company wants to engage with the Ambassador Programme.

Fun Facts

Although she denies it, after a recent trip to Euro Disney, Ali now wants to be a princess.

Tim Wright

Events & Engagement Manager

Our events inspire young people, support teachers and allow industry to showcase rewarding career pathways. From the smallest gatherings to our largest showpiece event Tim gives every one the same level of love and attention. He provides an end-to-end events management service. Whether that is engaging schools & teachers, liaising with sponsors and exhibitors or dealing with production schedules, venue floor plans & contractors. Tim always endeavours to make teachers’ lives easier, students’ experiences more enriching and our stakeholders’ engagement deliver on objective!

Contact Tim if your organisation wants to be a part of BIG BANG NORTH WEST

Fun Facts

Tim manages the main stage at a multi-award winning music festival. In a previous life he was once a rock climbing instructor!

A Bit More About Us

We are passionate people with a clear vision

All About STEM do amazing things working with schools and businesses to promote exciting and rewarding Science, Technology Engineering and Maths opportunities, inspiring young people right across the North West!

We are passionate people with a clear vision We are passionate people with a clear vision
We are passionate people with a clear vision

All About STEM is making it happen across Merseyside, Cheshire and Warrington. We work on lots of different projects to bring exciting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to schools across the region, linking them with business and industry expert volunteers inspiring the next generation of STEM specialists.

Described as the ‘hidden wiring in the system’, we work hard to build and maintain relationships with our schools, businesses, industry, colleges and universities so that we can strategically match-make opportunities with need.

Cutting through the noise is what we’re all about, making sure that schools and industry have easy access to the information and events they need in order to support, enrich and enhance the work they’re doing.

We are experts in our field. A marketing manager might say that we offered ‘tailored solutions’, but honestly… we just talk with the right people, work hard and make it happen.