National Science and Engineering Competition Tasters – Get Involved!
October 01st 2014

National Science and Engineering Competition Tasters – Get Involved!

Do you have some enthusiastic pupils?
Do you want to give them a chance to show off?
Then enter the National Science and Engineering Competition!

Tell us when you are having a lesson, or running a club, with the pupils that you think would want to enter the competition. We’ll turn up with bags of enthusiasm all ready to run a practical because everyone loves a practical.

There are some standard bits of lab equipment you’ll need to organise, but we’ll send you a list well in advance.

We’ll have a bit of a chat with your class and get them on the road to thinking about what they want to do for their project.


We’re then at the other end of an e-mail to support you getting everything together for the competition day. Don’t forget to book some ambassador support!

Contact [email protected] for further information… and don’t miss our STEM Club Hub sessions, we’ve everything you need to know to start your own STEM Club and get involved in the competition.

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