STEM Clubs… Fancy a Maths Jam?
November 06th 2014

STEM Clubs… Fancy a Maths Jam?

Our own Dr Liz Hind has been out and about this week in search of maths marvelousness… just for you. We know it’s hard for schools to find STEM based maths activities in and out of school, so we’re on the case!

Dr Liz visited Maths Jam and returned with some fantastic news for our STEM Clubs:

“I went to the annual Maths Jam at the weekend. I did lots of maths and it was great! You may have seen that I tweeted something about the Maths Arcade. There were so many fantastic worksheets and lots of information about games to develop mathematical thinking. The resources available were written with older people in mind, but I spoke to the organisers of Maths Jam and they said if there is enough interest they will rewrite the resources with a STEM club in mind!”

Awesome! Well you heard the news, if you run a STEM Club contact Dr Liz at [email protected] to express your interest.


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