Forensic Outreach: STEAM Competition
December 06th 2015

Forensic Outreach: STEAM Competition

In late February 2016, Forensic Outreach are launching a free worldwide STEAM competition for schools in partnership with Ward’s Science. The competition is hoping to involve nearly 2,000 schools and is aimed at students aged 14-16. 

The competition
The premise of the competition, which is based online, involves Leonardo da Vinci’s real-life missing painting: The Battle of Anghiari.

Every week for three weeks, teachers can download a challenge bundle. This bundle contains a lesson plan, worksheets and other resources required to deliver a 20-minute activity. A given group or classroom must work through the challenge provided and submit answers to questions accessible through a virtual classroom.

 The competition is designed to encourage students to apply their knowledge of art history, science, mathematics and cryptanalysis to “solve” the mystery of the missing painting.

More information
To register your interest and to learn more, visit their website:

If you have any questions, contact Daniella Afeltra at [email protected].

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