Home & School Learning: STEM/STEAM Resources Collection 39
June 08th 2020

Home & School Learning: STEM/STEAM Resources Collection 39

There’s no need to ride the search engines, hop off at All About STEM’s Inspiration Station!

During this time, we know that teachers and parents are surfing the web looking for fun, interesting activities for their children. Supporting this mission is our priority so every weekday we will be sourcing and sharing home & school resources, competitions, virtual tours, videos, ideas, awards and more!

We’ll also be listing activities to promote positivity, mindfulness and exercise.

Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Maths – Body – Mind – Enjoy!

  • STEM at Home Family Challenge: Can you escape?
    Watch the video below and stop it at 32 seconds.
    Tie the strings… and figure your way out!
    This puzzle is great fun & IT IS POSSIBLE – enjoy!

    Don’t cheat!
    (But the solution is on the video if you really need it) 🙂
  • Pressure not Pop!
    Serve your juice with air pressure.
  • Test your reflexes with this Scratch game!
    Instructions below – program & play it here.
  • Fantastic flowtation
    Grab an action figure, doll or similar.
    Now design a floatation device to stop it from sinking in water.
    Don’t forget to tag @allaboutstem in if you have a go at any of our recommended activities!

Today’s Focus: The One Line Challenge

This is for a whopping 30 minutes but you can set your own time.
The only rule is once your pen hits the paper, you can’t lift it off – GO!

  • Magic Number Game – All you need is a pack of cards!
    Choose a magic number, say… 72.
    Each player takes a card from the pack in turn, adding up their cards as they go. First person to reach the magic number wins.
    Quick-fire addition game 🙂
  • Welcome to Bollywood!
  • High Energy Workout: Pre-teens

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We know this is a very difficult period. We will try our best to showcase enriching educational activities and help you find what you need in the shortest time.

Keep it fun, keep smiling, keep safe
– Team All About STEM

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