STEM Clubs – Competitions & Challenges
January 07th 2021

STEM Clubs – Competitions & Challenges

Join the latest STEM Learning webinar and find out what competitions and challenges are out there, what they can do for your STEM club and top tips on how to win!

About this Event:

“Competitions and challenges can give your STEM club a clear purpose and direction and incentivise participants to focus their energy on working collaboratively and creatively towards a common goal. Success can give participants a sense of pride in their achievements and confidence that they can achieve in STEM subjects. In this webinar, we will look at some of the STEM competitions and challenges out there, hear from you about those you’ve been involved with and Gordon Taylor from Walton Priory Middle School will talk about how he has led his STEM clubs to competitions success.

Our STEM club webinar series is aimed at UK educators (teachers, teaching assistants, technicians etc.) from all phases currently running or hoping to run a STEM-related club in their school but some webinars may also appeal to community STEM club leaders, STEM Ambassadors/professionals or parents.”

Participants must be 18 or over and UK residents.

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