Zoom: Let’s Play With LEGO! – Operational Research Society Training
January 13th 2021

Zoom: Let’s Play With LEGO! – Operational Research Society Training

Who doesn’t love LEGO?
Here’s a fantastic opportunity for teachers & STEM ambassadors to play!

Operational Research (OR) is the science and art of using maths to solve problems and improve decision making. It’s ‘maths in the real world’, with applications from government, retail and sports to healthcare, finance and event planning. This online session features a quick introduction to OR and the OR Society, followed by an interactive demonstration of our popular Lego Furniture Factory workshop, a fun, hands-on explanation of how OR and maths are used in real life. Finally, attendees will be told where to find all of our free teaching and volunteering resources, and how to access the support we offer.

Attendees will need:
6 rectangular/2×4 Lego bricks
8 square/2×2 Lego bricks
Worksheet to be provided/pen and paper

Date: Wednesday 10th March 2021 – 5:30 pm

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