National Numeracy Day: STEM Learning Resources
May 13th 2021

National Numeracy Day: STEM Learning Resources

This year, National Numeracy Day takes place on the 19th of May and STEM Learning has a whole host of maths projects and ideas to support teachers and inspire learners of all ages. They are perfect to combine with National Numeracy official resources (below).

Take a look…

STEM Learning UK:

Primary Mathematics
Maths Magic
ESERO: Space Maths
Lunar Maths
Maths Dictionary
Secondary Mathematics
Computers & Maths: Space
Principia Mission: Maths
A-Level Mathematics
Engineering in Maths

Don’t forget, you can request a STEM ambassador to enthuse your students too. They can offer activities, talks, Q&A sessions and more!

You can also find fantastic maths activities in these 6 Week STEM Club Resource Packs.

National Numeracy Day – A day of live events, free activities and fun


“National Numeracy Day is the UK’s only annual day dedicated to everyday maths. This year our unique virtual festival, with Founding Supporter KPMG, will be packed full of practical advice from celebrities and experts, inspirational stories from real-life learners and a host of free online events and resources.”

Schools Heroes Competition
Celebrity Ambassador Activities
National Numeracy Challenge

National Numeracy Day: Official Schedule

7.30am: Breakfast Club – celebrities launch the day with activities for children 

Have breakfast with celebrity ambassadors and find out about all the Numeracy Day activities and challenges they’ve created to get children across the UK having fun and thinking differently about numbers. 

10.30am: Work it! How to use numbers to supercharge your job search and career

How boosting number confidence can help you get the job you want and get on in the job you have. 

1pm: Hated homeschool maths? How to help children love numbers (even if you don’t)

Celebrities, experts, teachers and parents share their experiences and tips on how to help your children learn to love numbers – even if you don’t feel confident about them yourself. 

2.30pm: Money and confidence: Tips to make your money go further

How building number confidence can help you get on top of your finances, change the way you spend and plan for the future. 

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