Calling all STEM Ambassadors in the Merseyside region – we need YOU!
October 19th 2021

Calling all STEM Ambassadors in the Merseyside region – we need YOU!

This autumn, All About STEM is pleased to be part of a pilot partnership programme between Education and Employers and STEM Learning, which is being trialled in Merseyside and London.

Historically, much careers inspiration, information and guidance work has been focused on secondary-aged students, the rationale being that this is the age where decisions are made about GCSE subjects, A level (or equivalent) studies, degree courses, apprenticeships or employment. However, there is a growing body of evidence which indicates that decisions about whether ‘STEM is for me’ are made much earlier in a child’s development.

With this in mind, we’re hoping our Merseyside-based STEM Ambassadors will join us as we work with the Education and Employers ‘Primary Futures’ team (who specialise in working with the primary sector) to mobilise our volunteer network into our local primary schools. We want to introduce the pupils, and their teachers, to a broad range of inspirational role models, so we can explore the impact of working specifically with younger children.

As with all such pilot projects, there is some admin to be completed by volunteers who agree to help but we’re really hoping you won’t be put off by that!

It’s also worth stressing that there is absolutely no commitment to continue any engagement with the Primary Futures team after the pilot activities – though we imagine many of you will! Primary-aged students can be a delight to work with as they are so curious.

Yes! I want to help!

That’s great! Thank you!

We first need you to register with the Primary Futures programme using this dedicated URL. Please do this by 1st Nov 21.

This will likely feel like a duplication of your STEM Ambassador registration but is necessary so we can investigate the interface between the two programmes. (You won’t be asked to do another DBS!)

Following registration, you’ll be contacted about the upcoming activities, and supported to engage with those you wish to take part in, by ourselves and the Primary Futures team.

If you’d like to know a bit more about the programme before you commit, please contact [email protected].

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Alison Christoffer Alison Christoffer
Alison Christoffer Operations Manager e: [email protected]